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Business Opportunities

Be a Breeder at River Zoo Farm

The international legislation will go extremely fast in the direction to avoid the trade of wild captured specimens, at least to the animal trade.

The only solution against such an trade ban will be the commercial breeding of species for the Exotic Trade, River Zoo Farm is already breeding some such species but it never will fulfil the big demand we have, the problems we at River Zoo farm have is lack of qualified staff.

Because of this River Zoo Farm is looking for specialist breeders with expertise in certain fields to come and do their breeding together with us here at River Zoo Farm.

There is no risk and no Investment needed from you, you only need to supply your skills and knowledge. There are possibilities to breed Fish, Reptiles, Mammals as well as Insects and Plants.


Exotic Exporters!!

We are looking worldwide for Exporters of Exotics who like to join our Joint Venture. We do have many customers all over the world for any kind of Exotics. Profit from our best connections and image to zoo parks and Importers. Please send us your Stock- and Price list.

We are especially looking for contacts to breeders and/or Exporters in
- Solomon Islands
- Vanuatu
- Seychelles

General Importers

We get many orders which though meet our minimum order are to small for us to do. We are looking for General importers to import larges shipments of these combined orders and then distribute them to the buyers. Area protection guaranteed. If you are interested please contact us.


River Zoo Farm is looking for partner Investors

If you like to invest in a safe and profitable establishment in Africa, you can come and stay here or just enjoy the wildness and the freedom of this country time-by-time. You can build your own house here at River Zoo Farm and get a residence permit for Guinea-Bissau. Or maybe you just want a exclusive, safe, profitable and enjoyable investment. Either way you will be welcome.

It is just not River Zoo farm you can invest in Guinea-Bissau. All the doors are open for most profitable and safe investments. If you are interested will can put you directly in contact with the minister of finance.

Please Contact us for more details.

River Zoo Farm • P.O. Box 890 Bissau • Rep. Guinea-Bissau • Satellite Phone: 00870-76162-7460 • Satellite Fax: 00870-76162-7461 • river_zoofarm@gmx.de

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