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Green Terrorism

Not only the "Animal Trade" has the problem of "Anti-Everything-Activists", in many country's of civilization it will not be possible even to build a new Children's Hospital because some Greenie's found a Frog on the place of construction. But however its the Animal Trade they most dislike and so in their opinion it can only be illegal. Most of these green Activists are very simple peoples with more often than not low intelligence and no feeling for law and right. They have no knowledge about the matter they are fighting for, they just "feel" to be right. But such an feeling has nothing to do with it being legal or illegal.

Most of the animal trade today is working on a legal basis and most of the green activists are working illegally and as criminals. they don't care about the law and the right of others, like every other Criminal, they have a reason and an intention.

But mostly these simple people are used by real criminal organisation with the cover of doing nature protection but really are interested in commerce with the "holy cover" or are involved in really Political Crime Cases. No questions, Nature protection is most important and none who is working inside the wildlife trade will be against them as all these people do have very close feeling for wildlife and for founded requests of changing something we always are open. But we will never be victims of poor criminal attacks from a small group of Bandits.

How do Green Terrorists working?
First they need no proof of anything, If they feel they dislike something so they will attack by:

Insulting the Victim (Normal people with some human rights)
Distributing lies about him in some publications or on the internet
Calling mainly on the internet for actions against them
Writing untrue mails about him or to other organisation's, the press or Government
Attacking them by violent force
Organizing demonstrations on his home, business or some airports
Pressing airlines with bomb-attacks if they transport animals
Bombing the facilities of the victim
Also murdering has been reported by the FBI
and many more criminal attacks

They are organized in closed groups and circle, some of them are listed with the FBI as terrorist organisation's. So it is not to take as fun to get attacked by such criminals, it can be a great danger even for the lives of the victim. River Zoo Farm many times was target and victim of such criminal organisation's, always with out any reason as River Zoo Farm is only working fully according to national and international laws.

In the following we will publish some mails, correspondence and information from such green terrorist against River Zoo Farm.

(kursive = moderation)

Prince Aga Khan is one of the leaders of WWF


Prinz Aga Khan

This article appears in the October 13, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. [PARA]Sadruddin Aga Khan:[NL]mujahideen coordinator[PARA]by Scott Thompson and Joseph Brewda[PARA]Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, the second son of the hereditary Imam of the Ismaili sect of Shi'ism, is a specialist in running intelligence operations under humanitarian cover. A career U.N. bureaucrat, and the former coordinator of U.N. Humanitarian and Economic Assistance Programs relating to Afghanistan, Prince Sadruddin was deeply involved in providing safe haven for the Afghan mujahideen, and facilitating their dispersal throughout the world. Because of this role, Prince Sadruddin was the British government's preferred candidate for U.N. secretary general in 1991, even ahead of Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the third-generation British agent who landed the job.[PARA]The Ismaili line of Imams traces its lineage directly back to the Prophet Mohammed. The family's most notorious
ancestors, the "Assassins," built up a powerful cult presence in Iran, where the family resided until the 1840s, when they were driven into India. There, they became a military arm of the British raj, including in operations in Afghanistan. Prince Sadruddin's grandfather, Aga Khan II, was a founder of the Muslim League, sponsored by the British in the wake of the Sepoy
Rebellion of 1858; its activities ultimately led to the vivisection of India in 1947. His father, who was the 48th Imam, Sir Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III, was very close to the British royal family during his 72-year reign, and held the post of chairman of the League of Nation's General Assembly for a year. The 49th Imam, Prince Agha Khan IV, was given the British title "His Highness" by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957 at the death of his grandfather. Prince Sadruddin's title is likewise recognized by the British royal family.[PARA]

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan's career began in the 1950s, when he became publisher of the Paris Review, one of the more important Anglo-American intelligence operations of its day, peddling the degenerate "Children of the Sun," who were precursors of the rock-drug-sex counterculture. The managing editor of the publication, John Train, had been Prince Sadruddin's roommate at Harvard. Train went on to become a top Wall Street financial adviser, while continuing to play a key behind-the-scenesrole in diverse intelligence operations, including in Afghanistan (see article, p. 18). Train and Prince Sadruddin continue to form a team.[PARA]In the mid-1950s, Prince Sadruddin became a career U.N. civil servant. By 1962, he was U.N. deputy high commissioner for refugees, and he served as high commissioner for refugees during 1967-77. Since that time, he has been brought back to handle special crises dealing with the mass relocation of impoverished people, especially in war zones. Thus, he was made coordinator of the U.N. Humanitarian and Economic Assistance Programs relating to Afghanistan, working closely with John Train, in what was code-named Operation Salam.[PARA]Operation Salam was officially intended to organize the repatriation of Afghan refugees after the Soviet withdrawal. But under this pretext, it also oversaw the dispersal of Afghan war veterans and refugees throughout the world, and even before the fighting had stopped. Prince Sadruddin's program also reportedly was involved in the military training and covert military supply of the Afghan mujahideen, who often operated out of U.N. refugee camps that he administered on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.[PARA]Even earlier, Prince Sadruddin was asked by his longtime tennis partner, Vice President George Bush, to undertake secret negotiations with the Iranian government, on behalf of freeing the U.S. hostages. During the same period, some of the arms flowing into Pakistan for use by the Afghan mujahideen were being diverted to Iran on behalf of the "Iran-Contra" deals.[PARA]Great Games and the WWF[PARA]Prince Sadruddin has also been a key figure in Prince Philip's World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the British royal family's most important intelligence agency.

Since its creation in 1961, he has been one of is primary funders, as has his nephew, the current leader of the sect. Through his London-based Aga Khan Foundation and the associated Geneva-based Bellerive Foundation, Prince Sadruddin has emerged as a top environmentalist. Here too, we find John Train, an activist in WWF Africa causes especially. Train's cousin Russell Train was president of the U.S. chapter of the WWF from its inception until his recent retirement.[PARA]In 1983, the WWF successfully persuaded the Pakistani government to create two national parks directly on the Afghan border in the northern region of Chitral. The remote region is not particularly renowned either for its abundance of animal life or the
existence of endangered species, and presumably the flow of eco-tourists into the region diminished during the Afghan War. Chitral is, however, renowned for the quality and abundance of its opium poppy, which was assiduously cultivated by the mujahideen. It was also a primary staging area for smuggling arms into Afghanistan.[PARA]Around the same time that the WWF established its Pakistan parks, followers of the Aga Khan began pouring into Chitral, and the nearby regions of Gilgit and Hunza, also adjacent to Indian Kashmir. There, they have formed alliances with the British-steered Kashmiri independence movement, and are reportedly working on establishing an independent Ismaili State carved out of Pakistan.

An other criminal Organisation is IUCN

Many members of these organisations are serious and well established scientists and doing good work. However it looks they are being used by the most doubtfully leaders of this organisation to cook their own soup. The local director in Guinea-Bissau is the African NELSON DIAS and professional liar. He was a former Secretary of state but has been dismissed, now he is the right guy for IUCN Dias is Director of IUCN but he has not even a little knowledge about Fauna. As soon as he is talking, he is lying he also is very racist against white people. IUCN made it clear, this is the position of this criminal organisation too and Dias has spoken for IUCN This organisation is using the money of these white people they dislike, but all this shows the level of such green criminal organisation's.

Chronicle of IUCN-Attack against River Zoo Farm / Guinea-Bissau

Starts with unfounded publishing's about us on the internet. River Zoo Farm are Capturing of Tursiops truncatus (Dolphin) in the waters of Guinea-Bissau. There was not even a planning at this time.

Nelson Diaz from IUCN Bissau comes together with some former officials and some very suspect people from "Oceanium Heuluk" Dakar/Senegal to our Farm. He was very aggressive. Some of his"Heuluk"-peoples give me the impression to be
Junkies as I'm a lawyer and former police officer. As Diaz told, they are "very close to IUCN" it will be possible to see there also a connection.

The Heuluc peoples made against my request filming of our facility and of us. Also we found out, they made illegal voice recordings by a covered voice recorder. Diaz first told, they are"Governmental Journalists". But the officials from Guinea-Bissau
did not confirm this. Then Diaz told, this are "his Journalists" and they can do what ever they want and to film here. To me he said "White people have no rights in my country".

Later on the Chief of the Police told us, it was wrong not to call the Police immediately as this was a criminal act of IUCN!

On his day of visit Diaz also told to me:

He doesn't like white investments in his country as this is neo-colonialism
We have stolen our farm-Ground as white people cannot get legal ground in Africa
About an Publication we made together with the Chairman of the IUCN Otter Specialist Group about a new finding of Otter in Guinea-Bissau, Diaz told, we do not have the right to do scientific publications about his country.
When he asked us, who is operating this Farm and we told him we, Family Schuhmann, he told, we can not operate such a Farm as foreigners, this only can only be done by the Government or the Population (Guinea-Bissau has not been a communist country for 25 years)

Also he gives an example of his intelligence and knowledge of native fauna for example by telling us:

The Monkeys are protected in CITES I (He means the common Green Monkey)
The Dolphins are worldwide CITES I and are living only on the cost of Guinea-Bissau
An Felis serval he called "Onca" (Panthera pardus leopardus) is being kept without permission
Soft-Shell Turtles (Cyclanorbis senegalensis) not listed on CITES he called CITES I
He also stated, all our CITES are falsifications as the CITES Director cannot issue CITES, this only can the Minister after asking IUCN

As he did not stop to talk and was not interested in any other opinion, also we found out his lack of intelligence we did not go into a large conversation with him as he is not important.

I informed His Excellency the Minster of Agriculture and Forest in Bissau about this Visit and told to be disappointed about the illegal filming. The Minister told me, not to be worry, the Ministry will clear this especially as the Ministry found not anything illegal on our work.


First in the "National Radio", later in the day also in "Radio Bombolom", "RTP Africa" (international) "RFI" (international) "BBC" (international) was an interview from Nelson Diaz telling, IUCN will close our establishment. Herby Diaz and the Reporter of this interview clearly were talking about a publishing of IUCN.

Especially (but not only) IUCN/Diaz stated in criminal intention to destroy us and here are some examples of his lies.

Hans-Jörg Schuhmann (full name!!!) is working since 11 years old illegally in Guinea-Bissau (An absolute lie!!!)
We are working illegally together with people from the Wildlife Department (A lie, we are working very well with them legally)
All the documents of Schuhmann are falsification (He must be sick this criminal)
We intend to build an Zoo here (never-but why not?)
We got 99 ha Farm Ground from the Ministry to do agriculture and tourism but we doing illegal Wildlife trading here (There is much more then 99 ha we bought from the population for creating of Wildlife)
We are working together with two "accomplices " from the Wildlife Department (The Minister was really disappointed about this defamation from IUCN)
The animals we are dealing in are demanded international but all of them are protected by law and so we are working illegally (This sick guy don't know the CITES regulations)
We are exporting illegal Dolphins, Chimpanzees and Manatees. Dolphins are living only in Guinea-Bissau (Not to comment, too stupid)
Portugal are interested in filling there Aquariums, also China, they want 100 Dolphins
All our Work is illegal by the CITES convention (This guy not even know the CITES convention, he is too simple)
IUCN want Guinea-Bissau to change the law
We do illegal publishing's on our web site(Illegal publishing's are made only by IUCN/Diaz)
IUCN is calling all against us
"A foreign company has to pay taxes" so far he giving the impression we do not. Reality is, we are paying the most taxes in this sector. I'm in doubt, Diaz paid his taxes.
We are telling, we are doing Agriculture and tourism, but this is not true. (True is, we never told this as it is not true)
We are involved in an "Chimpanzee net" to Mexico (I did not know why he said this, but there is nothing ongoing in chimpanzees)
IUCN discovered our Chimpanzee deal and then we stopped this (Well, he is sick, but he lie this only to damage us, No Chimpanzee deal at all!!!)
We confirmed to IUCN we are exporting using the Airport (The only truth)
Two Directors from Wildlife are giving us the documents, but they only can be given from the Minister (These two Directors are the CITES Managers in Guinea-Bissau and are giving us the CITES according to the law only)

This we have recorded on types!!

All this Diaz stated in the name of IUCN !!!!

I send an E-Mail to IUCN as I cannot believe this is the opinion and the order of IUCN. No response from them. So far it is clear, Diaz get the orders from IUCN.


The Ministry published a statement in the press: Saying the statement of IUCN is not true. On the same time in "Radio National" , "Radio Bombolom" and "RTP Africa" is an Interviewee with Mario Schuhmann, clarify the attacks of IUCN / Diaz as controversy and absolute lies.

The Directors for State Security is requesting that we present all our documents. Result: Everything is legal. We are victims of criminal attacks from IUCN.

Statement of the Ministry in the Radio. The General Director said, all the information given by IUCN to the press about River Zoo Farm are false.

In fact the same Diaz stated in the Radio and today in the Newspapers "Diario de Bissau" and "Gazetta". Calling us "Animal Smugglers", "Illegal Wildlife Traffic" "IUCN discovered illegal wildlife traffic in Guinea-Bissau" and always with our full names and the one of our company's. He stated in the paper, we sold an Eagle given to us by the Wildlife department for care as this bird was confiscated from fisherman and had leg-bands from Germany. This Bird, later on was released on the 16th of march by the Minister personally in front of the press and in close cooperation with the "Vogelwarte Hidensee" in Germany.


Our US Partner will go to an US-Court asking for an Urgent-Order to stop IUCN. We made the decision first to fight against IUCN in the public as we got plenty of "good ammunition" against them. We was publishing statements in our round mailings
(8,500 "animal" addresses) and we informed the international press.

After 14-2-04
IUCN / Diaz stole pictures from our web site, showing my son personally to publish together with lies and insults in their own internet-publications

Diaz published the same lies and his incompetence but in the name of his "AD" ONG, financed by IUCN and an political ONG with the title "Criminoso Negocio de Fauna Selvagem" in the "Gazetta Bissau" a Newspaper also again with his lies, his insulting and by telling open our names.

In fact the same lies then in the Newspaper from the 9-3-04 is again in the Radio "RTP Africa" But there is spoken from "discovered by IUCN" (We do have this on tape-recorder for the court case)

The Minister together with the international and National Press as well as the Chief of the Wildlife Department are visiting our Farm. The Minister re-released the Osprey (The one we sold in the lies of IUCN). The Minister told in front of the press, the investigations against River Zoo Farm did not give any reason for actions. We are working absolutely legal by national and international law and regulation. The Government will be interested in us expanding our establishment and was glad about our good cooperation with the Wildlife Authorities and our active fauna protection. The Wildlife Chef later on in front of the press showed to be disappointed about the lies of IUCN. The Native King of the Region stated, our good relationship to the King and to the population and we are most helpful to them. He also stated we got our farm-ground absolutely legal as the public ground is still in the responsibility of the King (Reglo).

After 16-3-04 many days
In many Radio and TV reports these visits and the interviews was published I think minimum 30 times in various TV Channals national and international. The absolute tendency of the national and international press now: "Worst contraversies from IUCN against River Zoo Farm".

IUCN asked for silence in the public `till the end of the own investigations. We agreed for 14 Days.

Subject: RE: River Zoo Farm
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 21:03:33 +0200
From: "ZACCAGNINI Giuseppe" <giuseppe.zaccagnini@iucn.org>
To: "Riverzoofarm" <river_zoofarm@gmx.de>

Dear Mr. Schuhmann,

I acknowledge with thanks your follow-up message, and apologize for not
responding yesterday, a Sunday and a holiday here in Switzerland.

I have reviewed with due care the document you sent to me with your
e-mail of 27 March 2004 ("Chronic of IUCN-Attack against River Zoo Farm
/ Guinea-Bissau"). Additionally, and in order to ensure as complete an
understanding as possible of your allegations, I reviewed information,
documentation and recordings I obtained by a number of persons internal
to IUCN in reference to your document, including a number of official
Government reports and legislative/regulatory provisions.

On the basis of the above, I have come to the conclusion that the vast
majority of your allegations (and certainly all the ones that are or may
be of any relevance) are not founded in fact. Indeed, the statements
that you say or imply to have been made by IUCN (through its
representative, Mr. Nelson Dias) presumably to the detriment of River
Zoo Farm either are truthful or, alternatively, were not made by IUCN
but rather by a third party. In the first case (i.e., where a truthful
statement of fact was involved), generally you would not have grounds
for legal action against IUCN, whether in defamation or otherwise. In
the second case (i.e., statements published not by IUCN but by third
parties), if such statements are false then you would have to seek
redress not from IUCN but from the party/parties who made them.

I am not going to address and refute specifically each of the
allegations you have made, since I believe that many of them, on their
face, are clearly unfounded or irrelevant. I will say, however, that a
number of official Government documents that I have been able to review
corroborate to my full satisfaction the truthfulness of any statements
you maintain were made/published by IUCN to the detriment of River Zoo
Farm, on issues including the following: your failure to comply with
legal requirements regarding the surface-area of the land granted to
River Zoo Farm and regarding the specified agricultural use that was to
be made of that land; the presence on the River Zoo Farm premises of
captive animals belonging to endangered species protected under
Guinea-Bissau and international laws; and the fact that the delegation
that visited River Zoo Farm of 28 January 2004 and of which IUCN's Mr.
Dias was a member, constituted an official Government mission that
included the Directors General of Forests and of the Environment (the
findings of said mission clearly being set forth in an official
Government report dated 11 February 2004).

In closing, I wish to reiterate my thanks to you for allowing me the
time and opportunity to review this matter and to get back to you with
my reasoned opinion, being perfectly aware that you will not be in
agreement with this opinion. However, I also reiterate in no uncertain
terms that, unless you cease and desist immediately from publishing,
through whatever medium, false and detrimental allegations about IUCN
and/or its representative Mr. Dias, we will not hesitate to institute
legal proceedings against you, River Zoo Farm and any other party
responsible for such publications, with the objective of protecting
IUCN's interests to the full extent under the law of any relevant
jurisdiction. Alternatively, and should you be the one to file legal
proceedings against IUCN (as you repeatedly have threatened to do), you
can rest assured that we will not only defend vigorously and
successfully against such a lawsuit but also will counterclaim against
you, River Zoo Farm and any other responsible party for all the damages
and expenses sustained by IUCN as a result of your unfounded
allegations and legal action.

I trust the above clearly sets forth IUCN's position, to which I hope
you will give due consideration.

Best regards,
Giuseppe M. Zaccagnini
Legal Counsel

Subject: RE: River Zoo Farm
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 11:42:47 +0200
From: "ZACCAGNINI Giuseppe" <giuseppe.zaccagnini@iucn.org>
To: "Riverzoofarm" <river_zoofarm@gmx.de>

No, Mr. Schuhmann, I do not agree with the use you propose to make of my
e-mail. The e-mail was written in the context of a good-faith process
(at least on my part) to try to resolve this controversy in an amicable
fashion, but by posting it on your web site you are now seeking to make
it a part of that controversy.

Am I concerned about your publishing my e-mail? Frankly, no, as I do
not see how it could possibly benefit your cause, whatever that may be.

What I am concerned about is your threat to continue defamatory
publications, including that of your "Chronic," which contains serious
false allegations about IUCN and its activities. I believe that this
will further strengthen IUCN's grounds for legal action against you and
River Zoo Farm, and I urge you to not do it. Obviously, that is your
responsibility and your decision, and I trust you will proceed in full
awareness of the possible consequences of your actions.

Best regards,
Giuseppe M. Zaccagnini
Legal Counsel


Just one of some hundreds mails we got from green activists only to show about their "intelligence" and mentality, This low educated person does not even shame to bring the tragedy from the holocaust and an modern marine world to the same level, We do shame for them.

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for ;
œFri, 30 Jan 2004 15:32:33 +0100
Reply-To: <accueil@funradio.fr>
From: "Blondeau Aline" <accueil@funradio.fr>
To: <river_zoofarm@gmx.de>

Subject: about captures of dolphins...
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:32:33 +0100
Organization: Groupe RTL
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To the terrorist leader,

I have just been informed that you have captured some dolphins. Who
gives you the right to think that you can control their lives
?????!!!!!!!! These animals are free. They live in groups all their
lives. They don't hesitate to rescue us when we are in danger even if
they don't know us !!!!! even when they don't have to !!! THEY DO IT
ALL THE SAME !!!!!! They have demonstrated it in the past. These animals
have a soul more than you !!!!!!!! when the different species of
dolphins lose their family and meet an another species, they are
immediately accepted. They show us their tolerence and their
You are a COWARD and a GREEDY person. I personnally defend all animals,
nature and life in general and I WOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR SOMEONE
DO YOU REMEMBER IN THE PAST ?????? the concentration camps where
children mothers and all the family were separated !!!!!!! It is the
same no more no less !!!!!!!

I know The Greece well and its symbol is the dolphin and in the ancient
Greece, the population respected nature and fellow inhabitants They
lived in perfect harmony... They had already understood the right way of
living !!!!!!


At the dawn of 21st century, we are stepping backward (with people like
you) !!!!!!

One day, I would like to see how you would react if someone kidnapped
your children and I am sure that you would be the first to cry like a
weakling !!!!!!!



- To the dolphin, the only one, more than the others, the nature has
given what the best philosopher looks for : unselfish friendship
(Plutarch) Greek philosopher

Vorsicht !!! das wird noch ein Nachspiel haben !!! alles rächt sich
Das werden Sie mir haben Büssen !!!

This only a short display of the methodical of green terrorist

Together with security officials River Zoo Farm is working on programmes to avoid green terrorist attacks, On demand we will consult you. Also River Zoo Farm will provide with warning list on your request, we also like to get information's from you about illegal actions of such persons or organisation's.,


One of the inside-sources of the green activists is the German Animals Dealer Peter Bössenecker living in Holland (Den Oven 28 NL-3912 AD Rhenen) efranl@planet.nl Bössenecker will give insider information from zoo-transactions to the
green activists.


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