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How does River Zoo Farm (RZF) work?

There are two sections in the RZF Wildlife Trade. The first section which is the also the biggest part is the supply of animals to Zoo parks, Aquarium and breeders. The usually need only very few individuals to increase bloodline or create new breeding groups. We are able to offer many species, far to many for them all to be kept in stock as RZF is not a Zoo park. So with most incoming orders the animals are obtained as requested. We only keep in stock species that are in regular demand. For some species like Dolphins we have to hire specialist teams for capturing and specials trainers and veterinary's from overseas.

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In all cases the species will be well adapted to captivity and free of any diseases and injuries before shipping. Only then they will be packed in an international IATA standard crate and shipped by air which is the fastest way to the destination of the client. RZF up to date has never had any animals die during transportation!!!

As any Zoo managers will know such transactions do not happen quickly. Starting from capturing and exports documents then to the capturing and adaption to the finally getting the import documents which can take some time especially for large marine mammals. However you can be sure after all this you will get the best possible healthy animals for your zoo park.

The Second section is the trade of exotics to the international pet trade. We do not supply pet shops but instead specialist importers and wholesalers. Many of these species will be from our own breeding projects which is rapidly increasing every year. A good example of the is the African Dwarf Crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis) which we are breeding regularly. About 15% of all captive farmed young us re-released into the wild once they are large enough to have a good chance of surviving. This species is CITES I but from confirmed breeding's can be traded legally. All of the farm breeds from RZF come with a certificate of breeding issued by the wildlife and CITES authorities.

This type of wildlife trade will never be a danger to the survival of native species. The real risk for the species is the explosion of the human population and their rapid destroying of biotopes as well as the unregulated hunting from the native population and the big "Bush Meat Markets" all over Africa were on each day much more wildlife is sold then the whole trade in live wildlife in Africa will sell in a year.

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River Zoo Farm • P.O. Box 890 Bissau • Rep. Guinea-Bissau • Satellite Phone: 00870-76162-7460 • Satellite Fax: 00870-76162-7461 • river_zoofarm@gmx.de

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