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How Import Exotics

There are plenty of National and International laws and regulations concerning the international trade in wildlife, depending on the species concerned some of these regulations will or will not be in force. Also some import countries have special import regulations or restrictions for some species of live animal. If you tell us the species you are interested in we can give you the exact information concerning the species you require.

The following national and International laws, rules and regulations are in force for the wildlife trade:

National law about capturing and export
CITES regulations
IATA transport regulations
Community regulations like USA or EC
State regulations like Florida or Holland

Some countries have a ban for some species or size restrictions even for lower level of CITES. The EC also has its own Fauna protection act stricter then CITES. Also there are very strict veterinary regulations for importing all kinds of birds and some mammals into the EC.

If you would like to do an import:

1. Make sure you have all your national authorisations for importing and keeping fauna.

2. If you make a request to River Zoo farm we will inform you exactly about the special regulations for the species you are interested in. For countries outside the USA or EC we may not know of all special rules. Make sure you get all relevant information from the authorities before you place an order.

3. Once you are sure about any special regulations or requirements you can place an order. We will inform you about viability of the species you are after and confirm your order. Whether you are a trader or a private individual we will require pre-payment for your first order against a pre-invoice.

4. Next we will apply for an export CITES and fax them to you, with this copy you have to apply to your CITES office for an import permit.

5. As soon as your import permit is on hand we will book the transport with the airline.

6. We will then mail you airlines booking confirmation along with the Airway bill (AWB) number.

7. You will need to notify your Airport customs 24hrs before the shipment arrives.

8. Depending on your national law you can claim the shipment from the airlines yourself or you can use a cargo agent to do this (Recommended for your first import). However, you will also need to pay the cargo fee, usually in cash as we are shipping "Charge collect - CC". You will need to ask your customs about any other import taxes or custom fees.

All this does look complicated and can be for your first time importing. But as soon as you do this a few times and get experiences in importing fauna it becomes a routine like every other job. River Zoo farm will help you every step of the way.


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