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Invertebrates and Biological Material for Trade, Hobby and Research

After many people requesting live and dry invertebrates we now offer these for sale to both dealers and collectors. All insects are collected in the Bambadinca region of Guinea Bissau. This region is rich in species with countless species of Beetle, Praying mantis, Scorpion, Grass hoppers, Phasmids, Cicadas plus many more species, if you give us an idea of what you are looking for we can try and suit your needs. There are many species in this area which are not described or seen in the pet trade.



- A Whip Scorpion -


- We have many Scorpion species-

Live Insects and other Invertebrates

We are able to supply live insects to importers. These are packed individually before export. 

BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL  for Research and Collectors

All with date and description of location.


050 Selected Beetles in Alcohol,  large sizes   168,-

050 Selected Beetles, dry, large size, 185,--

100 Selected Beetles in Alcohol , medium sizes     99,-

100 Selected Beetles, dry, medium size, 105,--

500 SMALL selected Beetles in Alcohol  65,-  

050 Selected Mots, dry, mostly Saturniidae 165,--

050 Selected Butterflys, dry  139,--

100 Selected Insects in Alcohol    100,-

100 Bugs in Alcohol     68,-                                                    

100 Selected Grasshoppers and Locusts in Alcohol   98,-

050 Ants or Termites all species, group in Alcohol 19,80

001 Mantis, selected species, in Alcohol 2,-

050 Selected Water Insects in Alcohol  75,-

001 Fiddler Crab, div Species, in Alcohol   2,-

001 Spider , div Species, in Alcohol    2,-

001 Scorpion, div Species, in Alcohol  2,-

001 Wasps, div Species, in Alcohol   2,-

012 Selected Spiders in Alcohol    25,-

001 Native small Fresh Water Fish, all species, in Alc.   2.20

001 Native fresh water fish 10-20cm in Alcohol   4,50

001 Native fresh water fish 20-40cm      12,90                              

001 Polypteridae  in  Alcohol      5,--

001 African lung fish  in Alcohol    from    6,50

001 Native Anura, all species, in Alcohol     2,50

001 Native small species of Reptiles    in Alcohol      8,-

001 Goliathis cacicus, Goliath Beetles, dry  37,--

001 Water bugs, dry or in Alcohol,  7-9cm   2,--

Marine Fish in Alcohol on request

Marine invertebrates in Alcohol on request




Giant West African Land Snails, alive, div Species like Achatina immaculata, Achatina spec. Limicolaria turris, Limnicolaria flammea ect     2,20




Pygmy Land Snails, less then 2 cm, Native, 2,--


Giant Fres Water Snail  1,50

Small Fres Water Snails 0,50


Live Invertebrates

Colourful Land Crabs, div Species    2,--

Millipedes and Scolopender, all species   3,--

50 Selected live Beetles    120,--  

Eggs of Saturniidae (saisonal) 1,10

Mantis, all species     3,50

Oothecae of all Mantis species 4,80

Bactrododema aestuans   Stik Insect    2,80 

20 Eggs of all Stick Insect  4,80

50 Selected Live bugs,    69,--     

Grasshoppers and Locusts, all Species, selected   1,80

Pupas of div Species of Saturniidae   2,90

Larva of Dynastidae, L3 selected Species 2,40

25 Selected Larvs of LARGE Beetles  98,--

Pupas of all large Beetles except Goliathus  3,--

12 Live selected spiders  37,--

Damon spec, Wipe-scorpion     5,-

Solifuge spec. Sun Spider  4,50

Vinegar  Scorpion, Unknown species,  red leg's   12,--  

Buthus occitanus,  Scorpion    2,80

12 Selected Scorpions 39,--



THE  N E W  TREND  !!!!

Fresh Water Insects

Most easy to keep and breed, even together,

Day active, VERY impressive


Giant Fresh Water bugs, up to 9cm     2,20

Yellow line water beetles up to 6cm    2,--

Black Water beetle up to 3cm   1,10

Water scorpion  up to 8cm    2,80


Full STATES of div species of ANTS and TERMITES

all types of state members minimum 100 pc each species incl. Queens   28,--    



Transport Costs    EXPRESS SERVICE  

Destination to 200 gr to 300 gr to 500 gr to 1.000 gr
Europa 10,40 17,40 25,80 43,--
America 12,50


27,50 45,80
Asia 14,60 19,90 29,90 48,30


Please contact us if you have questions or are looking for specific groups of insects, invertebrat or biological material we can usually help.


A selection of Dried beetles

- A selection of dried Beetles -


- Another local Beetle species -

- Another local beetle species -

COLLECT YOUR OWN INSECTS in Guinea-Bissau,                                              the most undiscovered place in West Africa. On River Zoo Farm                                   in the middle of the bush. Full board only  Euro 28,- /day.

Ask for more informations.



Mangrove Land Crabs

- Mangrove Land Crabs -

Mangrove Land Crabs

A very colourful and popular species! Easy to keep and sell we in both Reptile and Fish shops. One of our biggest sellers!

2.00 Each, 250 heads 300, 500 heads 450


Some Examples of insects found at Bambadinca sector of Guinea - Bissau


Interesting Locust species

- One of the interesting beetle species -

Interesting Locust species

- An interesting Locust species-

- We have many large millipede species -

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