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African Elephants (Loxodonta a. africana) CITES II

River Zoo farm is distributing African Elephants from National Park and Game Farms, to bona fide Zoo Parks worldwide.

The Situation of the African Elephant:

Since the last CITES conference this species has been dropped down from CITES I to CITES II for many African countries but live specimens are traded by African authorities by the procedure of CITES I species.

If you see a distribution map for Loxodonta in 1900 and 2000 you will see the strong reduction of areas where Elephants are still living. However, the reason is not the trade in some live specimens but habitat destruction by the ever increasing human population and development. More and more untouched areas are now farm land or villages, so not much space for Elephants left. However, Loxodonta are not endangered, even with poaching for Ivory. The population is still the same size now as it was a hundred years ago in 1900, but the problem is now the high elephant population is concentrated to small areas like National parks and Game farms with little left on untouched ground. Because of this are to many elephants for the area to support and there are destroying their habitat of themselves and other species to by eating all the small trees which is resulting in desertification.

The only option for the national wildlife management are the annual culling of great numbers of Elephants as in such national actions is not CITES involved as they only control the regulation of international trade. In the southern countries of Africa the strong growing population of Elephants have been become a big problem. Even the trophy hunting cannot reduce the Elephant population to an acceptable level. Also the live trade can not bring the population down. But it is difficult to understand, why the wildlife management has to cull many Elephants but not allow them for live export? The reason the "Green Terrorists"!

Culling is necessary to protect the bio tope and it is made quite, So the Green Terrorists don't act against it. Trophy hunting is an industry and there is very little monitoring of Trophy hunting done by these green terrorists. But big publicity can be expected by them if a live Elephant will be transported to a Zoo park.

However in some countries of Southern Africa there is still a ban on live exports of Elephants, though trophy hunting is permitted. In other Countries due to the unstable political situation it is impossible to source such animals like in Zimbabwe where a criminal dictator has stolen everything so there is no more commerce an infrastructure except in his private hands. But some African countries will give permits for live exports but always under VERY strict conditions.

River Zoo Farm is in regular connections to all real sources of Elephants and will be able to get high quality legal animals but only to certain institutions.


To whom can River Zoo Farm offer Elephants?

Certainly not to Circus's or similar establishments! But only to well established Zoo parks with an Elephant facility according to the WAZA standard. Finally this Zoo has to display his facilities and give future information about the staff situation working on the Elephants, the reason for keeping Elephants etc.

An Export Permit for Elephants will be always given only from the minister personally. As the procedure of Elephant projects will still be made according to the regulations for CITES I species, the buyer has to present an import-CITES or a letter of intention from his national CITES Management first.


Procedure of Elephant Transaction:

An Elephant transaction in never fast!!!

The Zoo park has to give us an written order to get Elephants for them. To confirm this order we require a deposit of €500.00. This amount will be reduced off the Elephant price or returned if no Elephants are available. It will not be refunded if the Zoo backs out of the transaction.

The first order has to include a description of the Zoo Park and the Elephant facilities. We cannot supply you with an Elephant if you facilities are not according to international Zoo Standards. Then we will inquire about availability to all our sources in Africa. Once we have sourced a suitable Elephant we will present the Zoo Park with a FOB offer including a list of documents we need for the country we are sourcing the Elephant from.

As soon as we have the agreement of the national government we will do a contract with the buyer including terms of payment. The price usually will be given as a FOB-price though this will not include any special medical tests ordered by the buyer or for the buyers necessary quarantine. But you can be sure, we always, will offer only the best possible price on the market. All Elephants will be kept for at least 4 weeks before export and the buyer is welcome to visit the Elephants before export. Up to this point no pre-payment has been made.



There are very few Elephants prepared to transport live Elephants because of the "Green Terrorists". For this we have to employ a whole charter aircraft. The price for them vary from airline to airline and up to the final destination. We have good experience in finding the best solution for this. The insurance against DOA will be about 1% of the total value. The animal transport regulations are requesting special trained and authorised staff during the whole transport.


Green Terrorist as a Calculate risk

Orca's, Dolphins, Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Elephants are usually the pets of these Green Activists. Around these species they create the most problems. Not because they are rare and endangered, in fact most of them are some what common. But because they are spectacular and have been presented in popular movies with almost human personalities like "Flipper" or "Free Willy". However these activists are not interested to know how many Dolphin died during the making of Flipper, or about the impossibility to train "Kako" aka "Free Willy" so in the second movie the used a plastic Orca similar to the robots in "Jurassic Park".

These Green Terrorists have no knowledge about the reality of the situation or care about it, they just use this as an excuse for their criminal behaviour. The danger coming from them can be the infiltration of your local CITES managements, lying to the local press, organising demonstrations in front of the Airport or your Zoo or other Terrorist actions against persons or sabotage against property or materials.

As they act as criminals and break many laws they can become a danger, which is something we are able to plan against together with official security forces to avoid any such terrorist action during the transport and once it has arrived.

  Please contact us with any questions you may have.


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