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West African River Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) CITES II

West African River Manatee


Two independent inventory expeditions was made in December 1994 from SCHUHMANN et all (Natur und Museum/Frankfurt 12/1995) and 1996 by ICN Portugal, both studies showed that there are large populations of Trichechus senegalensis in the waters of Guinea - Bissau. Both studies estimate the population to be at least 10,000 individuals for this small country. Because of this large population this species is listed on CITES II.

According to international standards to take 1% will not be a problem for the Manatee population. The only predators they have in Guinea Bissau are fisherman who are hunting them illegally for their meat. Maybe only a few new born's are attacked by Crocodylus niloticus.

Plenty of Manatees are living in the waters around River Zoo Farm. We also have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the capturing, keeping and transport of this species with a guarantee of no DOA's. We are also able to consult in keeping and constructing of facilities. Manatees that have been previously exported from River Zoo Farm are now breeding in captivity.

The price is up to negotiations and depending on quantity and other conditions. In any case the price will be given FOB but includes all the inland fees and documents.

We do not keep Manatees "In Stock" and will capture the animal for you once we have received a proof of order. You or your staff are most welcome to join us in the capturing expedition.

Please be aware this species cannot be shipped by regular cargo plane as there needs to be a trained IATA approved specialist with the Manatee until it reaches its destination country. Because of this it will be necessary to use a charter plane. River Zoo farm is able to offer the best possible prices as well as the best insurances.

West African River Manatee
West African River Manatee

West African River Manatee Trichechus senegalensis: Daily cure on fresh captured manatees is most important. Their skin is extremely sensible.


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