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The Exportation of Live Shark species

Since modern Ocean Worlds are able to keep large Sharks alive it has become a big demand for high quality sharks. There are many species of Sharks living in large populations in all oceans. But some species are declining because of the barbaric trade in "Shark fins". The local fisherman capture sharks with fishing hooks and cut of the fins while the shark is alive. The rest of the sharks body which is still alive is thrown back into the water. Tons of dry shark fins are exported to the Chinese food and medicine market. This does not seem to bother the Green activists only when a few are exported live do they seem to kick up a fuss.

So why the high prices for live sharks if they are so common? To get a shark for fins is easy, to bring them to an aquarium requires a vast amount of knowledge, experience and expensive modern technology. When we get an order we have to capture not only the right size but also make sure the animal is healthy without any damages and injuries. Once we have captured the required specimens we need to keep them for several weeks in Swimming cages to make sure they are top health and have adapted to captivity.

Once the animal has been acclimatized we then need to get ready for export. This is where our experience and knowledge comes in. We have to build a special shipping crate for each shark we have special pumps built into it to create a full live support system for the shark while export. We even install a backup pump should one fail.

You or your staff are more than welcome to join the capturing expeditions. Please ask for arrangements.

The Shark species we are able to provide are:

Ginglymostoma cirrarum 150-180cm
Odontaspis taurus 160-200cm
Odontaspis ferox 160-200cm
Scyliorhinus candicula 160-180cm
Sphyrna lewini 160-200cm
Sphyrna zygaena 160-200cm


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River Zoo Farm • P.O. Box 890 Bissau • Rep. Guinea-Bissau • Satellite Phone: 00870-76162-7460 • Satellite Fax: 00870-76162-7461 • river_zoofarm@gmx.de

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