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River Zoo Farm is the largest, most modern and absolutely professional Wildlife Breeding Farm & Fauna Sanctuary of Western Africa.

About Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is one of the undiscovered gems of West Africa. It is a small coastal country just to the South of Senegal where the people speak a host of local languages and Creole together with Portuguese and a little bit of French. The beaches and the wildlife of Guinea-Bissau are exceptional.

River Zoo Farm Entrance- River Zoo Farm Main Entrance -

Guinea - Bissau is in Western Africa     Some compare the islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau (the Bijagos Archipelago) to the South Pacific or the Caribbean. But the islands hold more than scenic beauty. They are culturally rich and biologically rich. These islands are home to a group of indigenous people and are also inhabited by turtles, sharks, and manatees, and a very special and very rare form of hippopotamus that lives mostly in salt-water.

On the coast, one finds fishing villages surrounded by forests, whereas further inland it is dry and dusty. All of this in a relatively small country.
The population is still very traditional
- The Population is still very traditional -

Living Area and Esplanada of the farm
- Living Area and Esplanada of the farm -
Initiators of River Zoo Farm

is the german family Schuhmann, living more than 15 years in Western Africa. Father Schuhmann is Jurist and the Managing Director of River Zoo Farm.

Up to 1998 Family Schuhmann was operating the Governmental Zoo Park in Guinea-Bissau for the Ministry of Agriculture. The war 1998 destroyed this Zoo Park totally. River Zoo Farm is owner of a 200 Hectare area which is bordered by two freshwater rivers and a lake, about 125 km from the Capital Bissau away. Thousands of Birds, big Mammals and other native Fauna are free and wild living on this farm. But the reason is the breeding of endangered species. The farm ground is registered as an official fauna reserve.

capturing in Guinea-Bissau
- River Zoo Farm Capturing in Guinea-Bissau -

-Hans Jörg Schuhmann on Manatee capturing safari -

Family Schuhmann is working very close with the Guinea-Bissau Wildlife Department and is the only holders of a licence for capturing, keeping and exporting Wildlife.

Come and visit our 200 Hectare farm in the bush of Western Africa.
Bungalows reserved for our clients. Full board, African and European kitchen. Weekly plains via Lisbon, via Dakar 5 times a week.


-Hans Jörg Schuhmann breakfast with friends-
Breakfast with Friends
Staff of River Zoo Farm:
staff of River Zoo Farm

River Zoo Farm keeping facilities are constructed for international zoo-standard:

- Some of the modern keeping areas -

- Facility for slender-shouted Crocodile -
- Aviary for Pygmy gooses -
some modern keeping areas
facility for slender-shouted crocodile
voliere for pygmy gooses
River Zoo Farm • P.O. Box 890 Bissau • Rep. Guinea-Bissau • Satellite Phone: 00870-76162-7460 • Satellite Fax: 00870-76162-7461 • river_zoofarm@gmx.de

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