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Nature Tours

Guinea Bissau is the most underdeveloped and undiscovered mystic and traditional country. Very little scientific work has been done on the local fauna and many times new species are discovered. Not only insects and fish, River Zoo farm recently found a new species of otter (mammal) so far not described in Guinea-Bissau.

The very friendly native population is living in a very traditional way and is still celebrating the mystic of Voodoo. Voodoo is everywhere in Guinea Bissau and though Voodoo is some what unbelievable it be observed to have real results in this culture.


- One of the Rivers surrounding River Zoo Farm-


- Very Traditional Nomadic tribes around RZF -


River Zoo farm is located in the middle of the bush directly on two freshwater rivers and a lake. A big part of River Zoo Farm is absolutely untouched and is used as a fauna reserve. Around River Zoo farm there are nearly all types of water and most types of vegetation in West Africa. Millions of Freshwater fish, insects, reptiles, birds or even big mammals like hippos, Chimpanzees, Buffalos, Lions, Elephants, Monkeys as well as Crocodiles and some of the most beautiful birds can be scene around River Zoo Farm. There are near by traditional villages close by and visitors are able to meet the local Voodoo Priest.

River Zoo Farm isn't a Hotel but simple Bungalows where Nature specialists and scientists can stay in the african bush. Even directly on the farm ground is a fauna paradise. We can offer a European kitchen, Cold drinks and generator power can be provided as well as satellite communication. It is also possible to take to back non CITES Insects, Fish and herps.


Our boarding prices are at the low rate of €28.00 a day full board but without drinks. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Please note that we do not allow hunting but we don't mind fishing.

Guinea-Bissau is a very exclusive holiday as there is nearly no tourism here. The infrastructure is very basic and is not made for tourists but is very safe to visit unlike some African tourists countries like Gambia and Kenya. There is a very low crime rate in Guinea Bissau, you can even walk around after dark.

Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest country's in the world. Very little is working as it should be. In the town the hotels do not have power all day if at all. The shops and administrative establishments are only open for a few hours a day, these shops and stores as mostly empty and there is very little to buy. Another big problem is the lack of medical care and usually Europeans are flown to Dakar for treatment. There may also be some services on strike. Guinea-Bissau is a holiday destination suit to those people who don't need to much civilization but enjoy nature and culture.



- The Local Bambadinca Market -


- Village People around RZF -


Next to Guinea-Bissau are the enchanted fauna paradise islands of the Bijagos archipelago. It is very difficult to get there but it is worth it. It has been untouched for centuries. River Zoo farm can get you there by private boat.

Finally we must mention that Guinea-Bissau are offering best conditions for private investors with their own concept or to buy a former government establishment or in joint venture. For more information about private investments you need to have a meeting with the Ministry of finance in Bissau. By request River Zoo Farm can put you in touch or with any other contacts within the government.


- The edge of the reserve -

Expedition Service

This is the best way to get the exact animal you need! Come and capture the species you need by yourself. For Zoo Parks, Institutes, for movies, even for private breeders.


Ornamental fish, Reptiles, Birds and even big mammals. River Zoo farm will obtain all the necessary documents here in Africa, we will provide lodgings in our bush camp in the middle of the wildlife. Our scouts know all the capturing spots. Using our facilities you can keep all your captures till export, all animals will be cared for by trained staff. We can supply all the necessary materials and guides for expeditions at the best prices. We are unable to other this service for hunting only for live capture. Please contact us for more information.

Photos of our Bush Camp


- Guest Bungalows at RZF -

- Outdoor dining area -

- Local Children -

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