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West Africa is where Voodoo originates from and has been brought to other countries especially the Caribbean by black slaves, however it changed over the decades and is different to real West African Voodoo. Voodoo is not a religion but a belief in the use of the soul and believing a ghost is in all natural objects. The Voodoo priest is the agent between ghost and man, he can ask them to do either good or bad things. It will never be possible to explain Voodoo to someone "outside". Only very few people know the mystic of voodoo and always taught father to son.

So is Voodoo real? I asked this question many times in my first years in West Africa, I was not convinced and thought it would be like any other religion. But now having lived here for more than 15 years I have changed by opinion completely. It is not just a case of just believing in it but having actually seen it. It is real! the results can be seen almost immediately, I myself have witnessed such things and I am absolutely sure it is more than a religion it is the real use of a real spiritual world.

I could write about many examples of Voodoo working. For instance I was very ill with a bad disease and the Doctor to my son "Be strong now, your father will die in coming days". So my son went to the voodoo priest and at the very same time I woke up from a six day coma and made a full recover. Another example was that a local officer was once living in Germany but was deported because he was always causing trouble, because of this he disliked Germans. He was about to get a higher position in the local government and would be able to create some real problems for us. We spoke to the Voodoo priest about this and we where more than surprised to hear the the officer dies the day after exactly on the same day he got his new position.

Plus many more things have happened and so today I am a firm believer in Voodoo and it can help in all problems of life. If you think voodoo may be of help to you, please get in contact with us. But beware, if you do someone unfounded harm, it will come back to you!

For more information please feel free to ask. There is also possibility for you to stay at River Zoo Farm and meet the Voodoo priest in his village which is not to far from here.

Please Contact us for more details.

River Zoo Farm • P.O. Box 890 Bissau • Rep. Guinea-Bissau • Satellite Phone: 00870-76162-7460 • Satellite Fax: 00870-76162-7461 • river_zoofarm@gmx.de

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